Useful Information

We have outlined a few topics that will be of interest to you, should you wish to work as a nanny in the UK.

Enhanced DBS check

Enhanced DBS checks are requested in the UK for individuals who work with children. An enhanced DBS disclosure certificate will reveal whether a candidate is deemed not suitable to work with children, even when such individual has not been prosecuted. Disclosure certificates can only be requested by an organisation registered with the DBS and not by individuals themselves. We work alongside one of these registered organisations, and can assist with enhanced DBS checks requests. Disclosure certificates can usually be obtained shortly.


Should you not have obtained a DBS disclosure certificate prior to applying with us but intend to do so as part of your application, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. It is in your interest to request this certificate as you will not be able to find a reputable nanny job without them.​​

​We work with Care Check.


Certificate of criminal records from Greece

If you have lived in the UK for less than 6 months you cannot obtain an Enhanced DBS check and therefore you will need to provide us with a Certificate of Criminal Records from Greece. To obtain this you need to submit an application form and some form of ID either to the Public Prosecutor's Office of District Court Judges or to one of the Citizens' Service Centres (KEP). For more information on this please refer to the link below.


We strongly recommend that you take a paediatric first-aid course prior to applying for a job with us, as this will show your commitment to your profession and enhance your chances of finding a position. Some families will only hire a candidate who has taken a first-aid course or a first-aid course refresher. We will gladly assist you with finding the right first-aid course through one of the first-aid providers that we normally use.​



Registration with the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED)

As an OFSTED-registered nanny, you are likely to appeal to a larger number of families. Although it is not a compulsory requirement for applying to us there are benefits for our nannies and for our clients. For our nannies it enhances their professional status. And, as there are tax benefits for families who use OFSTED-registered nannies, some ask for nannies to register. Very often they are happy to contribute fully or partly towards the registration cost.




​As a nanny working in the UK you are entitled to the same benefits as any other employee. Your employer (the family) is responsible for paying your tax and national insurance. We are delighted to be working with Nannytax, the leading nanny payroll expert.

Visit the Nannytax website for more info.