Sofia F.


Ioanna T.


Alex and Michelle

"We had tried multiple agencies, none of which responded to our needs (if they responded at all), and were happy to take a payment without helping out at all. From the very beginning we were delighted with the service we received. 
Firstly the response time was immediate - From the moment we registered we were contacted and a detailed description of what we were looking for was taken. In no time at all 4 candidates were sent to our house for an interview, ALL of which fitted our description, so we were given plenty of options. 
As we are first time parents this gave us confidence and security. Furthermore knowing that payment was only due after we had decided to go ahead with a selected individual, took all pressure off the process. 
As well as this we were extremely happy with how polite, responsive and helpful everyone has been in the agency. 
I would definitely recommend your services because you are dependable, reasonable and extremely efficient. Unlike other agencies we found that you listened to our needs and sent us precisely what we asked for. 
We never felt any pressure to make a decision and were never rush, and furthermore whenever we required something we were seen to immediately. It felt like a we were dealing with an extremely professional company with years of experience."


"We have had some agencies in the past who have not done the necessary checks on the candidates they sent us and who we felt did not take the responsibility they have seriously. 
Greek nannies had a very personal approach towards us and were familiar with the candidates they were sending us. I was very pleasantly surprised that although ours was not an easy booking (as it was part time), that Greek Nannies were able to put forward several candidates who were qualified for the position and had all the references and documentation that we requested for our nanny ready for us. 
They were also happy to assist with some extra references that we requested.
I would most definitely recommend Greek nannies to others as they have provided us with a wonderful nanny and had a very professional and responsible approach throughout."
"My biggest concern was to understand how the whole process works, how professional the service is, whether my requirements were even interesting to you and how fast I could be matched with the right person given that i was looking for someone over the summer break. 
I had no surprises once we started working together except for how professional you were.
I was really impressed about how well you understood my requiremements and needs and really worked with me to find the right person. 
All candidates you provided me with were exceptional and really liked the fact that you always touched base with me before and after each interview. I would definitely recommend your services and have already done so. 
Your biggest strength is that you are very professional. You listen to your clients needs and really work with your client to find the best possible match. In addition, your pool of candidates is just exceptional. Thanks again for your great service! "

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