Permanent live-out/live-in placement (Full time) - 6 weeks' net salary (one off payment)

Permanent live-out placement (Part time) *  - 6 weeks' net salary (one off payment)

Permanent overseas *  - £3,500 flat fee

Temporary placement **- £120 per week (Mon-Fri only) or £175 per week (Mon-Sun) or £35 per day booked

Temporary overseas ** - £175 per week (Mon-Fri only) or £200 per week (Mon-Sun) or £50 per day booked

Greek tutoring*** - £300 one off payment

Please refer to our T&Cs for applicable administration fees depending on the type of placement.


At present, in accordance with HMRC, we are exempt from charging VAT to our clients.

We are effectively 20% cheaper than many other UK agencies. 


For more information please refer to section 4 of our terms and conditions.


*Permanent live-out and live-in placement:

A permanent placement is for duration in excess of six months.

**Temporary placement:

A temporary placement is for duration of six months or less.

***Greek tutoring:

A Greek tutoring placement is for up to 4 hours per week.

The purpose of this placement is that the Candidate teaches Greek. 

Terms and Conditions

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