Greek Nannies was founded by two Greek women living in London; Elena and Fenia.

We are here to provide a personalised nanny service for your family. 

Elena Tsoka
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Having arrived in London many years ago, she found herself changing completely her career path* from architecture to following her passion of painting and balancing better family and work demands. 

Greek Nannies is a “dream come true” for Elena, a business that combines children, bits of her cultural background,  and her dedication to always providing excellent customer service. Elena is also the owner of “hoolaboola”, a blog that is about interesting new ideas and products for kids and nurseries.  While living in Athens (Greece), she created a playgroup called “Little Architects” where she built models with kids and taught them about all the different types of buildings.

*Elena worked for 15 years in a well-known architectural firm and successfully held different positions such as Director of the Creative Department and Head of the Interior Design Department.

Fenia Attilakou
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Fenia has lived in London for over a decade and has a strong professional experience working in government. Since having her first child five years ago, she reduced her working hours to spend more time with her children.


This awakened her desire to pursue a business idea associated with children. A few years later this business idea became a reality through Greek Nannies!

With first hand experience of the process of finding ‘the right nanny', Fenia believes that Greek Nannies will take away the stress of endless searches and enable families to welcome to their homes a person who will care for their children whilst keeping them in touch with the Greek language and culture.


*Fenia worked for 9 years for the Legal Aid Agency (LAA), part of the Ministry of Justice in London where she managed and developed the Agency's Geographical Information and Systems (GIS).